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Blood of the Were-Wolf
  • After finishing both my Twine and the Fear of Twine website, I finally found myself with ONE and ONE HALF full hours to play a Videogame. Today's IndieGameStand Game is Blood of the Werewolf and I picked it up because I have been meaning to.

    It's is Extremely Snazzy So Far. You know, it's Castlevania, and it doesn't even really try to hide the fact that it's Castlevania, but there's something to doing that sort of thing very well. I forget that I actually don't hate platformers--there's jus so many bad or by the numbers ones out there.

    Blood is one of those it's-really-hard games, and like the best of them it's very liberal with the checkpoints.

    I dunno, it's just good, and it's pay what you want right now! So if you want a hard game that's not a twine, I say go for it!
  • There's a game recommendation thread!! Geez Goodness
  • Oh this wasn't a game recommendation! I was gonna blog the game here! Remember I said I was gonna spam the forum here with that! I was gonna post again about the game later!

    Geez Brasure!
  • *Hrmmhrmm* Miasmata *cough*

    Shouldn't that just depend on whether he wants to recommend the game or have a conversation about it? We hardly want the game recommendation thread spammed with discussion to the point that posterity only ever reads the first page.

    Plus, this way, we've got a free pass to troll Richard. "Oh, I liked the part where the twist came in, what do you think?" and "I thought the game's themes were kind of bland, what do you think?" mixed with various Monty Python references, namely the Argument Clinic.
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  • Miasmata thread was actually a test thread I posted before the forum went live :)

    I love trolling Richard though so let's continue.
  • Well the game's themes *are* bland. It's just mom feels stuff

    (Actually it feels VERY WEIRD playing a lady werewolf searching for her son, if only because female wolves are poor parents. Wolf papas are better--but I digress!)

    Platformers have such a relationship to "retro"--and to a degree part of why I don't like them is I played through a lot of bad or even adequate platformers as a kid, and I'm not a nostalgic person. There's a lot of Castlevania and Mega Man in Blood of the Werewolf, but it doesn't feel like pandering: It's more a case of, there was a reason we liked those games Back In The Day, right? I think Blood figures out what was good about that and gives it the next step.
  • Richard, please could you weigh and analyse the narrative merits of MOMFEELS and DADFEELS please.

    If you can achieve this without bursting into laughter or projectile vomiting in critical disbelief that would be good.
  • What's fascinating, Shaun, is that the game is extremely difficult, and so playing it is a sign of tenacity and extreme enjoyment. In many ways, this ludic structure mimics the desired emotional state that the artists wish to evoke in the player(s). Our many attempts to beat the game give us the feeling of a mother fighting her way through hell for her son; beating Blood of the Werewolf will be the closest I feel to love this month. Rather than ludonarrative dissonance, player and avatar are one; Blood of the Werewolf gives a feeling not of discord, but of harmony.

    Happy Valentwine's day, everybody.
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