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Steam Tags
  • I know there's not gonna be much to say about it, but I'd like to point out that Steam has now allowed users to place tags on games. Call of Duty: Ghosts gets "Garbage, Fish Ai, Bad, Poor Quality, dog" etc. Cart Life gets tags like "Depressing, The Death of The American Dream, The Horror Of Modern Life, AGS, not fun, Pretentious, buggy" etc. But, Cart Life also gets the tag "Perfect", a decent bit down the list.

    Well, at any rate, I take a perverse pleasure in being able to search for games tagged "pretentious".
  • There's been a nice Twitter thread with Ed Key about the tag "Not a Game". He couldn't believe Proteus hadn't earned that tag. It has now!
  • I'm curious: sites like have been doing this for years. I've listened to playlists based on "sweater rock", "rainy", and "stoned". Is this controversial in videogames just because the steam community is shitty?
  • I imagine it has to do more with prominence than differences in the community. Most games I looked at had fairly normal tags, though often with splashes of good humour. It's mostly big front-row games, like CoD, that get all these troll tags. Remember the time that Google's search engine said that Justin Bieber had a chronic illness?

    (My favorite is "Procedural Death Labyrinth")
  • The two I've heard about are Fez and Depression Quest. Both are well known for controversy. The latter has benefited from it; the former, I mean I don't know if Phil Fish has commented but I like to think of him happy in a field somewhere.
  • I've not seen this described as controversial anywhere. Everything I've seen has just been enjoying the lulz!

    It's a decent idea and I'm sure it'll settle into a groove eventually. I can see myself using pejoratively-assigned tags to find games I like in future.

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