These forums for Electron Dance were closed on 09 December 2014.
Fear of Twine forum is open
  • Hooray!!!!!

    Let me ask a stupid question: How does this work on mobile?????
  • How do you mean... how? Well there was a mommy CSS and a daddy CSS and they got together---

    I find the forum works quite nicely on mobile. Is it okay for you?
  • I wasn't sure how the division was--it looks like it's one big forum. Of course now I'm on the "real" site and I don't know how to get back to the mobile version.

    I'm not good with computers.
  • There is a problem where if you tell it "show me the non-mobile version" there's no way to get back without clearing the related cookies.

    I just checked the mobile version. Yes, it does look like one giant forum; it doesn't seem to distinguish between categories. That's a pain.

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