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LATE POST - Tuesday 18 Feb
  • Here we go again.

    The Fear of Twine work took several solid days to complete and this bumped everything. I was also sick and both children got sick: that razed a lot of spare time. Fear of Twine going live last week was also highly distracting and found myself being sucked into that - and trying to play through the twines.

    Finally, last week's "No Alternative" piece was very demanding. I really like polished articles where I assemble the words of others but they are such hard work. If you're not just doing a simple Q & A dump (minimal editing) it becomes painful trying to work out what to cut and how to organise multiple conversations into a single, readable whole.

    I've been Electron Dancing one way or another every night for over three weeks and, when it gets like this, I lose interest in writing. Mixture of burnout and mental fatigue. I don't want to skip another week so we'll just say the post will be up when it's done. It's probably more healthy to take a breather.

    I know what I'm going to write about this week so here's an extract from the early first draft. I've only written a few paragraphs.

    John Walker wrote, “If only the conversations they offer included an idea of what it was you were supposed to be doing.”

    You’re supposed to be climbing the mountain. Because it’s there, fuckers.

    I don't know if I'm going to keep "fuckers" or not. Provisional title is "The Mountain" but may be changed to "The Dishonest Player".
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  • I also forgot to mention in the run-up to Fear of Twine I did lots of work on new mail subscriptions via MailChimp (you can see the changes in the sidebar and the footer of every article, this is on top of trying to get the new HTML mail template working). I was expecting I would be inundated with new readers desperate to listen to every word I had to write after they completed Truth is Ghost.

    I'm... I'm still waiting. They'll be here any day now. You'll see.
  • You'll be on my right, and with my left we'll... wait, what?
  • Ha. I look forward to this latest post, given that I'm finally playing Dark Souls.

    Take all the time you need, dude!
  • Took a breather tonight. We sat down and watched Little Miss Sunshine.

    @mwm - I'm confused by your vivid confusion. Left... Right?

    I did actually write, though, that people would come to "listen" to my words. My written words.
  • Joel, you are delightful.
  • And I really should stop writing in this damn forum so much. Between this forum and Twitter and email I seem to be spending what scant writing time I have on everything other than actual posts.

    When British mountaineer George Mallory was asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, it was reported his answer was, “Because it’s there.” The desire to climb does not have to make any sense, have any rhyme or reason. The mountain was a challenge that called to Mallory. It’s very existence was enough to seduce him to its slopes in 1924 – and the mountain claimed his life. Mallory’s body was recovered in 1999.

    There is a similar pattern in our desires to take on challenging videogames. Playing Super Meat Boy (Team Meat, 2010) isn’t making us smarter and doesn’t teach us anything about the human condition. We might argue that it improves reflexes but this is the kind of comforting babble we tell people who don’t play games. Players needs no such justification.

    Oh, wait! Except when we do!

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