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NO POST - Tuesday 4 Feb 2013
  • I never did get round to starting with Twine. For shame. I'd have liked to participate. I believe AR's Dylan was working on something and was enjoying learning Twine, though.
  • Twine is pretty easy although it gets aggravating when you want to do something a little complex. @JonasKyratzes swore this would be the last Twine he worked on because of whitespace issues around conditional statements.
  • I made a twine! I kind of hated it a lot!
  • @Eric_Brasure - Making the twine - or the final results?
  • I've been debugging with pen and paper and every time I see a conditi
  • onal I remember what Jonas said and I begin to get a headache.
  • Yeah, as soon as you get away from the completely basic stuff, you run into all the old frustrations of game development. It's still more accessible than what I'm used to, but the difference is less profound than it's sometimes made out to be.
  • You know this is part of why I wanted to hold Fear of Twine--it's a presence in the scene and there's been so much hype about it that I think there's a bunch of misconceptions of what "The Twine Revolution" actually is. Certainly it's a tool that lets everyone make a game, and that's fine...if you're looking for games irrespective of quality. You folks now all know what it's like to make at least a simple Twine game, but I think you're all beginning to learn that if you want to do more sophisticated stuff--hell, even without coding, if you want to make a more elaborate CYOA you need to organize your node map pretty diligently. I think for people like Joel and Eric who haven't released twines, it gives kind of more of an informed idea of what exactly Twine is and I hope that was helpful!

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