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Game Recommendation Thread
  • I liked Waking Mars! One thing I liked about it is that it doesn't try to knock you over the head--it's a gardening simulator and you can do everything in a pretty leisurely way. I haven't gone for 100% completion and alternate endings though. Also the first time I played it the ending script got messed up and some things seemed to happen out of order.

    I guess it's been like days since I checked the forum.
  • Have I mentioned that the STALKER games are fucking brilliant? Because they are.

    (I shudder to think what they will be like when Bethesda inevitably reboots them.)
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  • Jonas, I've only played SoC. I think we might have discussed this some time ago in the site comments! I would like to try CoP.
  • Call of Pripyat is fantastic. I've not finished SoC but I'd say CoP is the stronger of the two.

    Waking Mars is also splendid. My completion stats are currently at something like 120%, which I think is the devs having a bit of a laugh at the expense of completionists.

    I haven't 'perfected' every region, sadly, as the acid/alkali spore plants are tremendously difficult to deal with. But I have seen the game's various endings.
  • I'm playing SoC with the Complete mod, which updates the graphics, fixes bugs and adds some useful features (sleep, repair), and I have to say it's absolutely lovely.
  • If it addresses the AI too, I'm sold. :)
  • I've never had problems with the AI. I'm always quite happy when it decides to do something stupid, because I'll take any advantage I can get.
  • It's definitely the stupidity that gets me, although it's also helped me out on occasion!

    The most egregious incident I remember was when I backed off from an early engagement with about a dozen bandits. They were far too numerous for me to take on. 'Fortunately', they then formed a neat line and walked slowly toward my distant hiding place, allowing me to headshot each of them in turn. I barely had to move the cursor.

    It is, otherwise, a difficult and harsh game. Which is splendid.
  • I love it when they screw up their grenade throws, especially because grenades are so fucking dangerous in this game. Why should I be the only one who screws up a throw, anyway?
  • I've been playing Probability 0 a bunch. It's really good! And it doesn't take long because I die fast. Still haven't beaten my high of 21 or seen a boss monster.

    Has anyone encountered a black cloud that follows you and kills you? That happened once to me in an expert game -- I think that was the game's way of telling me to fight stuff instead of just trying to run around everything.
  • Matt, my high is 30 and I have seen a boss. I have not survived a boss. I think I vaguely remember something like a "black cloud" but I can't comment specifically. I do spend a lot of my time running away from crap, though. There are some really frightening things down there. I mean frightening in a sense of unpredictable, unlike the skulls or spider-things.
  • Which ones are the skulls exactly?
  • Skulls - the balls that drift around and then come to rest on platforms; you see them right from the start.
  • Those aren't frightening! Those are kind of cute! Especially the way they sit there waiting for you to punch them without killing you! Except of course I always walk right into them while trying to get into range!
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