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Memorial Book for Dialogue Tree
  • Dialogue Tree is no more. We will miss you.
  • Hi. My name is Richard Goodness. Uh, I--so I met Dialogue Tree in middle school, I think all of you know that, So, you gotta know--I mean, most people don't know this, but I actually fucking hated that guy on sight. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] No-no--I'm serious! He just had, like, one of those faces or something. Still does. Uh. Did.




    Shit. Sorry. Look, I, like--I had this really funny story planned, I was gonna talk about how we just couldn't stand each other and finally we got into a literal fist fight, like, two twelve year olds ready to k--to, uh, to kill each other--


    Just--it's just stupid, you know? We became friends in detention and we hung out every day during summers and I thought he'd be the godfather to my motherfucking *kids*, you know?

    Shit. I'm--I'm sorry.

    I just loved him and I don't really know what to say.

    I'm gonna miss you, buddy.
  • Eric! Please, talk to me! Don't stop talking! Your voice! I can't live without your voice!
  • If you like my voice, I do several other podcasts, all of which can be found at!
  • Oh, I know. But, Trekabout is on episode 76, and I don't know if I can get through all that.
  • It's worth it!
  • It's not like there's continuity! Just pick your favorite Star Trek episode and dive in, or start where we are now!

    Note: We're still in season 2 (just finished the recording of the s2 finale on Saturday) of TNG so I apologize.
  • It has been a while since the last episode but, uh, why?
  • Post edited by Eric_Brasure at 2014-02-18 20:43:35
  • Fair answer. Are you going to be continuing Counterweight with Joel?
  • Yes he is - there are no plans to abandon that. We're even trying out something new this weekend.
  • I like games enough to play them and do Counterweight, but not enough to do Dialogue Tree.

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