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LATE POST - Tuesday 18 Feb
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  • I also forgot to mention in the run-up to Fear of Twine I did lots of work on new mail subscriptions via MailChimp (you can see the changes in the sidebar and the footer of every article, this is on top of trying to get the new HTML mail template working). I was expecting I would be inundated with new readers desperate to listen to every word I had to write after they completed Truth is Ghost.

    I'm... I'm still waiting. They'll be here any day now. You'll see.
  • You'll be on my right, and with my left we'll... wait, what?
  • Ha. I look forward to this latest post, given that I'm finally playing Dark Souls.

    Take all the time you need, dude!
  • Took a breather tonight. We sat down and watched Little Miss Sunshine.

    @mwm - I'm confused by your vivid confusion. Left... Right?

    I did actually write, though, that people would come to "listen" to my words. My written words.
  • Joel, you are delightful.
  • And I really should stop writing in this damn forum so much. Between this forum and Twitter and email I seem to be spending what scant writing time I have on everything other than actual posts.

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