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  • I thought this was going to be about a Toilet Paper Party. Which I wasn't exactly excited to go to either.

    I don't know why I'm here.
  • What the fuck is a toilet paper paper?
  • One of James Kunstler's signature lines is that "suburbia is the greatest misallocation of resources in the history of the world."

    I'm starting to think it might actually be not suburbia, but the internet.
  • The greatest misallocation of resources in the history of the world? How about the billions of dollars spent in Britain and Europe to encourage flooding?

    But, yeah, I'm most interested in the organization and force of will that the players put into TPP. With 80,000 people competing to control the MC, they've actually managed to get four of eight gym badges (and I say it that way for HM, who is too sad to have ever owned a game boy... and too lucky to have ever played Pokemon).

    These guys have strategy guides and maps and anti-troll techniques. And it's all quite humorous too.
  • And I think one could also argue that suburbia has been the ultimate fuel for the American dream -thus increasing social capital- and that suburbia has had an overall positive effect on people's health and optimism, eased the difficulty of logistics (imagine driving thousands of semi-trucks a day through an even-more congested New York). Or, well, hell, let's just say that the reason that suburbia happened is because people wanted it; that right there is the ultimate justification.
  • So, whenever a flame war breaks out here, we're gonna call it "a bout of appendicitis", right? You have no idea how happy it will make me if we do.
  • Had a look at this Twitch thing because I had ignored it. Interesting and it reminds me of how invested crowds get in ARGs. I don't know if it's "important" in any sense but it sounds like fun for those involved.
  • Like the time we all , as a crowd, decided that "a bout of appendicitis" was gonna be a new slang term?!?!
  • Amusingly, TPP has now proven so popular that it's breaking Twitch's chat system.
  • Yup. All the LoL players are getting pissy about that part.

    I beat XKCD to this topic by a day, which is good. However, I was beat out by a German newspaper by a day, which is bad. Seems I'm only a middling hipster, or, a mainstream hipster? Iunno.

    Well, I mostly agree with you, HM, except the part about it being "fun". I'd say every fifth guy that tries to control Ash is a troll (surprisingly, it's only a small minority that tries, maybe 1000 people in a 50,000 person stream), and 1/2 the other guys are idiots who are trying to enter the nearest crevice, rather than looking at the maps and trying to unify. It's a little more like climbing Mt. Everest than playing a game.
  • Here's how you play this one: You're the first in this forum to pick up on a trend that's takin Europe by storm! Don't worry, a good hipster always finds a way to be cooler than everyone else.

    I mean, god, I've know about that technique for *years*.
  • Holy shit guys. Twitch actually went and beat the entire game.
  • Do we have a decision on whether anarchy or democracy is better? Wait, wouldn't tyranny be better here?
  • Anarchy, hands down. Not much fun if victory is guaranteed, slow, and unswerving. Democracy mode was made all the slower by the chat-lag: people were voting on the move *after* the one they were looking at, which often took two subsequent votes to correct.

    On a related note, there's a fledgling petition to have March 1st officially declared National Helix day in the States.
  • Like DNA? I'm all for that.

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