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Should I buy Humble Bundle XI?
  • So, a new Humble Bundle! I have a Mac and don't use Steam. The basic games are The Swapper, Guacamelee, a Giana Sisters thing that isn't yet available for Mac, and Dust: An Elysian Tale. The bonus games are Antichamber and Monaco (currently cost $4.50 to unlock). I don't know what the other bonuses are.

    Basically The Swapper is the one that interests me, as I like a good puzzle game especially if it's not in 3-D. I don't know if there's any point in Monaco if I only play single-player. Antichamber dropped off my list when Amanda said it involved precision jumping in a 3D game where you can't see your feet (seriously, what the fuck, designers) and it also seems like it might involve keeping track of a map by hand.

    So: worth my time and money? Should I pay a buck for The Swapper? Should I just play some of the hundred or so games I've already bought from them? I started Little Inferno the other day which seems like it may be kind of a joke on the player.
  • If backlog, one buck. If no backlog, Monaco.

    Monaco's SP is about as good as its MP. In SP it's much more of an actual stealth game, with tension and planning and close calls and seemingly impossible guard patterns.
  • Little Inferno is awesome! So is drawing a map by hand! I played a little Antichamber. I like it, but...

    Dust: An Elysian Tail is kind of awesome once you forget furry culture exists. It's got some seriously beautiful art, and if the story is pitched a little younger than me, I'm flying through it and the fighting and jumping and bopping and hopping and hipping.

    I had a viscerally violent reaction to the Giana Sisters game. I can't tell you why but I found the main character art repulsive.

    Monaco does suck single you kids want to get a Monaco group together? It was awesome playin with some friends in my apartment, but they sucked.

    I haven't yet played the guacamole game but "avocado" when I get a chance! Get it?

    Anyway if you've read this far I've got an extra code for The Swapper and it's yours I you want it, Matt.
  • Heh, I'll play Monaco, if it's within a couple days.

    Elysian Tail, the story... ehhhhhhhh. Combat? Pretty durn fun. The difficulty curve is incredibly wonky though; you spend extended periods with the same enemies, so you'll be invincible against an enemy that two-shotted you 5 levels ago.
  • It seems as though online Monaco multiplayer only is possible for Steam, which no can do. But you guys should get together! Feel free to use this thread to organize it -- I like going off-topic.

    Richard, thanks for the offer, but I figure I can kick the developer my dollar; it's really time rather than money that's the issue here.

    I also have the option of putting in a dollar now and increasing it to beat the average if the extra games look good. Plus if I put in a dollar I'm helping other customers out by pulling the average down! This was a bit of a perverse incentive the whole beat-the-average concept started; once they introduced that my payment dropped, partly because I felt I was getting what I paid for (this is a pretty well-known phenomenon in social psychology) and partly because I didn't want to pull the price up for everyone else.
  • I would not turn down a dollar...
  • Do you...want the Swapper, Eric? I don't think you'll like it.
  • No, I want a dollar. Can't you read?
  • I don't think you'll like it either. I know your problems with George Washington.
  • Trust me, I would love a dollar. I've used them before, and I've never been disappointed.
  • I'm tired of videogames about George Washington. When are videogames going to talk about ordinary people?
  • We're like this in person, too. It's exhausting.
  • Don't worry, you make a lovely couple, don't no one tell you otherwise.
  • I am the plan, I am the man
    Who tells you what and when you can.
    I'm the old one that torments you.
    I am the voice that tells you to:

    "Don't get caught with your fingers in my pie.
    Mess with me and boy you're surely gonna' die.
    If ever you're in doubt about who or where I am.
    I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere.
    I am your Uncle Sam."

    Electric Uncle Sam

    You beg me please on bended knees
    Not to sit among these enemies.
    If you feel like you wanna dance
    Then step aside and take a chance.

    "Don't get caught with your fingers in my pie.
    Mess with me and boy you're surely gonna' die.
    If ever you're in doubt about who or where I am.
    I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere.
    I am your Uncle Sam."

    Electric Uncle Sam
  • I like going off-topic BUT THERE ARE LIMITS.

    Not really. Carry on.
  • Tonight I played another few minutes of the Dust: The Elysian Tail, and then two minutes of The Bridge which I will never play again.

    I love entirely dismissing months of a team's creative work in two minutes.
  • It's better when it has a fandom, and best when it's been crowd-sourced. You're not only dismissing the team's effort, but all the hope, dreams, and ambitions and joys of millions.
  • You know what sucks? Minecraft.
  • No, Minecraft is good! Minecraft is awesome! Minecraft is a pathway to unbridled creation, y'know.

    It's the players. Bloody awful. Make the game worthless. I mean, how can you be so shit when you've got the greatest tools mankind ever devised?
  • I have said that exact thing about every writer, musician, and artist that I meet!
  • There is apparently a Monaco session happening between mwm and me either tonight or tomorrow! Does anyone else want in?!
  • I will construct a monolith in honour of Monaco. In Minecraft. Real construction work is hard.
  • NEWS: I have bought the bundle for $1.50. If any of the bonus games seem cool I guess I can up it. That is, if any of the games seem cool and are ones I haven't already bought five times.
  • aaaand I would probably be really stoked if I didn't already own Starseed Pilgrim.
  • Don't forget FeZ and "beat buddy" which is probably fascinating!
  • Well, I also have Fez. I think I preferred Sky Island.

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