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Special Report: I Played Online Gaming
  • Tonight, I played some online gaming with mwm. We played The Monaco with someone named "woofasaurus". I did not know "woofasaurus", and I forgot to ask if mwm did.

    It was Very Enjoyable! It was almost like a chat room mixed with a video game! It turned out that I am not very good at The Monaco, because I died many times. It is a little okay, because "woofasaurus" died many times too and mwm did not seem to mind resurrecting us. When you resurrect someone in The Monaco, it makes a gross squelching sound.

    I would enjoy playing online gaming again, and perhaps we can all form a Guild!

    This has been a Richard Goodness Special Report.
    Post edited by rgoodness at 2014-02-23 02:57:58
  • It makes a sound like a witch's brew; you alchemy people back to life, basically.

    Nah, dunno who woofasaurus was, but he was cool. Sadly, he never knew when to just run for it... whether I told him to or not.

    I used to be an Operator for a big and prolific Minecraft server. Would play again, that is to say.
  • Huh. I really didn't think witch's brew. It sounds to me like you're stuffing the other guy's guts back in.

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