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Trine 2
  • Friday or Saturday evening, Mwm and I are playing Trine 2! There is apparently an extra copy floating around so it doesn't matter if you don't have it. We need a third player--anyone want in?
  • I can give the copy to anyone who friends me on Steam. Steam doesn't let you gift items to non-friends.

    Also, we should be calling these get-togethers "Electron Goodness".
  • If Joel and I ever do a podcast we could call it "doubleplusgood"
  • I liked the original Trine as a single player experience but there was something empty about it. I think the second article or something on Electron Dance was about Trine. Very pretty, but never felt the urge to go back for the sequel.
  • I played a bit of Trine 2 on the Xbox with AJ, and we thought it was no great shakes m'afraid.

    Hint: whoever is the wizard can just summon a crate, that beats almost every puzzle. :(
  • No, you're wrong. Trine 2 is very very hard.
  • I can agree with the point that the game feels quite empty. The puzzles are streamlined, the fights are simple, and the music is almost interesting enough to stop me from replacing it with a random J-pop album. Worse still, the game is offensively easy; every other puzzle can be bypassed with clever manipulation of the grappling hook, and you can literally bunny-hop through poisonous pits knowing that checkpoints are *everywhere*.

    But, in the context of a co-op game, all of these aspects make it *better* (except the mediocre music; they could've used ranchera music and it would all be the same). Even with three idiot players stepping on each others toes -and the thief occasionally popping bubbles beneath the under-evolved land dwellers- the game goes by at a good pace. It's silly and ridiculous and fun.

    But, yeah, an upgraded wizard totally takes the fun out of the puzzles. I'm playing the thief and Richard the knight, so we kinda dodged this situation.

    Edit: So, I take it that ya'll didn't want to play on account of the game? If it means that someone will jump in, I could be convinced into making Richard buy multiple copies of whatever people want.
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  • Yeah I'm with that as a co-op thing--it's challenging enough, but there weren't any bits that were frustrating. I don't have voice chat but we were still able to progress.

    I'd love to do something a bit more RPG based but I'm not looking for a fifth job and I don't think any of us are, so MMOs are out, but there should be some kind of thing we could all duck in and out more in. Otherwise, I do think we could be at least doing some kind of "let's all play something together!" thing. We're a small enough group at the moment that we could probably figure one of those out easily enough. But yeah, I mean we are a group based ostensibly around enjoying games--we should enjoy games together. Besides. More people should see how awful I am at videogames.
  • Oh, but, admittedly, Trine 2 is a pretty mediocre co-op game. For 2 bucks a person, though, I've no complaints.

    I dunno about any game to build a clan around if you're avoiding an MMO. I do know some games that would almost be good for that, but at the cost of steep learning curves.
  • I was actually thinking of joining in but when I went to download it Humble popped up something asking if I wanted to use a torrent for the Really Massive Download and I decided it would be Too Much Trouble. The fact that everyone is saying the game kinda sucks doesn't inspire me any more. Plus I thought I should try to work on my speed-Twine (ha ha at the idea of me, speed, and prose in the same place). Also I kind of hate the idea of playing games co-op and am not sure I could even do this since I'm not on Steam.
  • I am excited for your speed twine though!
  • Another soon to be disappointed customer!
  • I have decided my problem with Trine 2 is that it's too pretty. It's a beautiful looking game with ornate greenery and shiny lights and I have no idea what I'm looking at. I can't tell what are platforms, interactable objects, etc--I should be able to tell that instantly!

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