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  • Guys Miasmata is really cool
  • Maybe some day I'll get round to understanding why I love this game so much. As HM said in 'The Island', a list of all the things in it that are unfinished/irritating/don't really work would make it sound like a trainwreck. Yet it's one of the most beautifully terrifying immersive games I've ever played (if not *the* most).

    Not that I'm much of a gamer. I mean, compared to my mum, I'm Pewdiepie, but compared to Pewdiepie, I'm my mum.
  • It sounds like fun! Maybe I'll give it a go. So few of these survival games manage to keep me engaged, even though in theory I adore the concept...
  • If I was being bold, I might argue that Miasmata is primarily an exploration game with the survival aspects being used to make the player take his time. That's not exactly what was intended but I think this is a valid way of interpreting the game.

    I love that cat picture, @JonasKyratzes.

    And @simplen00b, I still don't get the appeal of PewDiePie. I don't wish him harm or anything, I just don't understand why he's so rich! (did he cover Miasmata?)

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  • I still don't understand what pewdewpie is.
  • pewdiepie, his humour doesn't come so much from actual jokes or observations, as much as it comes from his joyful and irreverent attitude. He laughs a lot, he screams a lot, he's surprised a lot; it's very much like being in the same room as someone in love, or watching a foreign home movie.

    Though, even if I can understand how he's funny... he's an abysmal role model who has millions of children viewers. Lots of rape jokes, lots of joyful violence, and little regard for the people and NPC's around him.

    My nephew is banned from watching Youtube commenters, except for Nerd3 who makes a solid effort towards being kid-friendly.

    But, uhh, Miasmata. Looks good. Good muscles, yup.
  • Ooh this sounds like Might and Magic or Wizardry 6.

    I'm just sayin'.
  • I am not mapping a game by hand, Richard.
  • Might and Magic 3 introduces an automap!
  • I cured the plague last night. Wow does he move fast when he's healthy.
  • I'm not sure it's as much fun roaming post cure, but we can discuss this on the podcast...
  • Hah. I think I know what you're trying not to say there.
  • I like to read that comment as saying that the plague itself was sick, and now that you've cured it it's super fast. (I have not played this game, and given that the game's webpage header say "A maker of games Matt can't play" I guess oh what the hell everyone knows it's going to wind up in a bundle.)
  • I don't know, @matt_w, I'm not sure if this week end up in a bundle or not. I can't see it in a big headline bundle as it hasn't had enough exposure for that; maybe something like Bundle in a Box?

    Anyway, all very academic for your Mac gaming, I suppose.
  • Well, some bundles (maybe only the Humble?) tend to come with Mac ports. Bundle in a Box doesn't, so as you say, academic.

    I'd have said something like, "Gosh, if Proteus got Bundled why not Miasmata?" but I suppose that getting all my gaming news from here and Tap-Repeatedly tends to give me a distorted picture of which games are getting a lot of exposure.
  • Miasmata just hasn't got the same profile. It was Tap that turned me onto the game! The RPS piece on the game was a little whiney about the game. It's easy to get caught up in its flaws and miss the core of its motherfucking grace.
  • Miasmata just hasn't got the same profile. It was Tap that turned me onto the game! The RPS piece on the game was a little whiney about the game. It's easy to get caught up in its flaws and miss the core of its motherfucking grace.
  • @matt_w, how is Mac gaming these days? I use a Macbook Air for all my podcasting and I really only use my Windows machine for games, and I'm getting tired of having wires everywhere, a laptop taking up space on my desk, etc.

    I'd probably install Windows onto the Mac for most games, I'm really worried about the iMac video card.
  • Oh gosh, I have no idea about cards. That is a level of gaming competence that I don't even think about aspiring to.

    I don't seem to be able to run Papo & You but I don't know if that's because of OS X or cards or the specific things I seem to do to drag down my computer's performance or what.
  • Keep an eye on GoG--Miasmata goes on sale there fairly often.
  • I am stuck into Dishonored and Dark Souls right now so no Miasmata for me, but I guess the benefit of being on this forum is that y'all can kick my arse into playing it later.

    Actually, thinking about it... when is the Counterweight due? Maybe I should put a few hours into the game before it emerges so that I can actually listen to it.
  • The Counterweight on Miasmata is scheduled to be released on March 4.
  • Excellent, that gives me plenty of time!
  • Well, six playthroughs completed and I think I've finally just about squeezed it dry. Maybe I'll be able to come back in a year and get lost in it all over again, but for now the island's become - familiar. I think I've even got used to the amazing sky and lighting effects. (I must have hundreds of screenshots; so many times the game was almost awe-inspiringly beautiful.)

    Thanks for the CW guys - you did a better job than my attempt to describe it to a friend last week, when I managed to make it sound like one of the most boring games ever instead of one of the most intoxicatingly beautiful and tense. (To be fair, I think trying to describe the triangulation system - actually, just mentioning there IS a triangulation system - is enough to make it sound like dullness on a stick.)

    The downside is, every other gaming experience currently feels shallow and pointless. I'm in mourning. I WANT ANOTHER ISLAND TO GET LOST IN. Ah well.

    "Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves" - Henry David Thoreau.
  • I finished this recently (after a long time away from it -- what can I say? I'm a scaredy cat and winter gets so dark so early!) and I took a lot of screenshots which I uploaded here:

    Loved the game though. I posted more detailed impressions on (under?) Eric and Joel's Counterweight.
  • Yeah. Time to get the Miasmata PR machine going again, maybe. Let's wind that thing up.
  • God damn it I *really* want to play this game but a computer that can run it is far off for me. What sold me was *Eric* freaking out about it.
  • Best game I've played since Dark Souls

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