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David T. Marchand journeys through the exhibition
  • *types*

    *clicks some links*

    *hours pass*

    oh, that was nice
  • Nah just kidding I actually wrote a bit about the games:
  • *like*

    I suggest we keep making games about dragons until we've covered every colour of the spectrum.
  • You guys took all the good colors. Would it be stereotypical if I took green? I could write a gross work about drug addiction called Tut-tut and the Green Dragon. You-know-who would HATE it.
  • No, I don't know who. o.o

    Also, weren't we supposed to make separate threads for different rooms...?
  • David, this was an excellent roundup. I wish I'd written it, but I'd need to have finished playing all the games to have done that.
  • @JonasKyratzes And when we run out of simple colors we’ll always have Yurniog the Transparent Dragon, The Mystery of the Great Tartan Dragon, The Dragon So Bright We Can’t Tell Which Color It Is…

    @rgoodness Dragons are probably pretty tired of folks portraying them as green all the time.

    @EvilRoda I made four separate paragraphs in my post, ain’t that enough?

    @HM No probs, I’m sure you’re very busy with that article taking shape, and the planning of the book, and the imminent project.
    Post edited by DavidMarchand at 2014-03-19 02:24:25
  • Actually when I think about dragons I think about red dragons. Partially this is because red is my favorite color. When I was young I had a red dragon candle my parents bought me. Because I'm one of those guys who picks at stuff, I eventually ripped the candle to pieces. I thought about all of that while playing The Matter of the Great Red Dragon. Like the dragon, I too have the urge to destroy.
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  • Wow dude I’m just talking dragons I didn’t ask for the story of your life. What are you, writing a Twine?

    But no, in all seriousness maybe I made Úrquel black because my favorite color is grey. They’re the same color, right?

    (Sidenote: can I have some info on how you guys pronounce Úrquel, at least mentally?)
  • LOL

    ER-KU-WELL probably wrong but no one can hear me

    until now
  • Uhr-KELL, but I say it with a Tuiserian accent.
  • I too say Uhr-KELL, but maybe I'll switch to Urkel like on Family Matters.
  • Rad, I’ve been wondering that for some time now!

    In Spanish it’s more like OOR-kell (Spanish Google Translate says it perfectly) but I guess every way is a good way? I always felt disappointed with the fantasy-sounding words I come up with, and Úrquel’s no exception.
  • I've been saying it OOR-kell, but it's probably too late for that to be believable.
  • Ooh, I thought it was a real name!
  • Why are you talking about Steve Urkel?
  • Oh man remember in the later seasons when Steve drank the potion that turned him into Stéfan Urquel the Black Dragon?

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