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Twine Week
  • I figured posting this in the forum would be the best way of making sure only the intended recipients see this, but I'm still in "processing mode", but I just want you folks to know that you've made me very, very happy the past couple weeks and I'm very grateful for that!
  • Wordpress tells me I've managed to send nearly 120 clicks over to Fear of Twine in the last month; there may be more which haven't been registered (e.g. email subscriptions).

    I am very tired, Richard.
  • Right - few days away and now my brain is a disaster area. Can't even do a Link Drag tonight. Let's shoot for Wednesday.
  • This changes nothing about how I feel about you, Joel.
  • Also Joel didn't tell us he was going away.
  • Where is he going?
  • Didn't I? I thought I did. I went away to Cooden Beach for a few days. Came back more exhausted. It was fun but, you know, holidays with children are for warriors.

    I wish I was Klingon.
  • "Cooden beach" sounds dirty as hell.
  • Everything in England sounds dirty.

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