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Friendscape Torment
  • So one of the things that often comes between Eric and me is the fact that I've never actually played Planescape: Torment--I've given it a whirl a couple of times and made some progress, but I get too daunted eventually. It's one of those works that's such a huge big deal, you know? But since the last time I tried it, I've played some more CRPGs and gotten a bit better at that kind of third person game--anyway! I've reinstalled the game, and Eric's been itching to do another play, as are a few people I know--so the question is, would anyone be interested in doing some kind of book club type play of the game over the summer? We could either just all blog about it and link each other, or set up a subforum here, do podcasts, something--I just think a lot of people consider it to be one of those games that deserves this attention, and I think we could write some good stuff. I've been dying to do a project like this for a long time--so why not?
  • Man, that does sound like A Thing. Though I actually just finished the game - my first time - back in January.

    I've been meaning to write something about the game, actually, so you can count me as... sort of in?
  • Super belated response... I grabbed Torment and am presently putting off behind every other game I'm playing. It just... looks so chore-ish.
  • Well tis an old time RPG. But it has some of the most striking writing.
  • The most striking writing, or the most striking themes? Writing can go blow itself; I'm only interested in RomCom's and learning.

    So, anyone got through it yet? How long is it supposed to be?
  • It's about 650 hours long. If you manage to finish it, it tweets to Chris Avellone, who then comes to your home to punch you in the face.
  • Right now I am working on Spellforce and wizardry 8, and I do not consider Gothic II to be abandoned. As soon as I clear out one of them, I will start te Planescape!!!!?!

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