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Your Threes Scores, Please
  • I'm getting closer to cracking the 768 tile in Threes, but still not quite there. So I thought it would be nice to compare how well we're doing in Threes.

    Currently, my highest tile is 384 and my highest score is 9,957.
  • Verena's highest tile is 384 and her highest score is 10,626.
  • Ooh nice. I've been hoping to break 10,000 for a week now but so far no success. Of course if I break 768 then that's a whole different level! Sounds like Verena has got quite close.
  • Well at least I made it to 10,197!
  • Verena has asked me to tell you that her new score is 20,640 and she's cracked the 768.
  • I can only imagine the score jump for the 768 tile. I'll get there soon. Got soooo close many times.
  • Verena's newest score is 29,091.
  • Oh Jonas, you're going to have to stop her somehow. Maybe you could do something like sabotage the fridge to distract her? Thanks!
  • So you're the one! I knew it wasn't a natural death.
  • Alright, 26,661 and I got the 786 tile. Wonderful feeling!
  • I suck at Threes. Only gotten to the 192 tile and my high score is 3546.
  • I've found that playing it safe is not the route to success. Every now and then I have to "upend" the board to push big numbers near other. A managed amount of risk.

    Honestly, I find this fascinating.
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  • My highest score is around 3500 with my biggest number being 192. Been close to cracking that but never quite managed to get the pieces in place. Also, it crashed for me yesterday, locking up my Nexus 7 and losing my progress. Thankfully I was just starting a fresh game but I can't imagine my reaction if I'd have been doing well...

    Threes reminds me a lot of Triple Town because it's about space management and carefully herding blocks, and the longer you last the harder it gets, but also, the more rewarding, intense and ultimately deflating/painful it becomes when your run ends. They're also deceptively cute.

    So I'd highly recommend checking out Triple Town if you dig Threes. Avoid Tripe Town, that's just a bad spelling mistake.
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  • I've been playing it a bit myself over the last week - got the 768 a couple of times, but not beaten my high score. Haven't got anywhere near the 1536 tile. Yet.

    Gregg don't give me any more distractions. I have to play some serious games here.
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  • So I got my first 768 last night and yes, it felt fantastic. It was hard earned! I've found the best technique (so far) is to not get too focussed on merging the larger numbers, keep those small numbers rolling at all times and ensure you're forcing the red and blue blocks to drop in the right places so they don't clog up the board. It's a magic little game.

    Oh and HM: you really should turn the sound on at some point, just for a while.

    Hailey has been playing it too and she hasn't got the patience to mull over the board like I do so she giggles at the blocks sighing and grumbling 'bored!' while they're waiting for me to move. She's joked: why play one game and score 3000 points when you can score 300 on 10 separate games?

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