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The Making of #warningsigns
  • I watched it.
  • Thank you.
  • So did I!

    What kind of editing software did you use on this project?
  • I've been using Serif Movieplus for years. It's comparatively cheap but has robustness problems which I am great at finding as I tend to push the software pretty hard.

    I think about leaving it sometimes but I don't know what I'd leave for. And all that tool-based knowledge was hard fought. I tried the "industry standard" tool Lightworks but that's such a pain to get running and so different to the NLE layout of Premiere and its brethren that I jacked out. There were some nasty IAP gotchas if I recall.
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  • I'm still using Pinnacle Studio, which is just daft. I've tried more expensive software, but the interface usually makes me scream with anger. GUIs designed by programmers are not good for my blood pressure.

    Maybe it's gotten better now. Should check out some new software.

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