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  • IFComp is happening (the 20th--dang--annual interactive fiction competition).

    Games will be available sometime today, maybe.

    Competition rules forbid Richard from saying that he apparently has a game in the competition. They do not, however, forbid me from doing so, since Richard didn't ask me to and has no idea I'm making this point. So that should give everyone an extra incentive to check things out!

    (From what the organizer has said about the number of people who expressed an intent to enter, this may be a year of drinking from the firehose.)
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  • Maybe I'll even play some this year!
  • Aaaand the discussion kicks off with some folks being dicks about Twine games on (And then a bunch of people telling them to knock it off.) Sigh.

    Anyway the games are listed on the IFComp page in alphabetical order, and Richard decided to call his "Zest," so keep scrolling. And stop off on the way. ("Transparent" looks pretty cool, though I found some fiddly bits at the beginning, and "Ugly Oafs" is going to be awesome I think.)
  • Hey Richard, your latest comment on intfiction came across as a total drive-by troll move in a tense situation. What, in all honesty, was the purpose of that post?
  • Oh dear God, that thread. How depressing. Yet another perfectly friendly community torn apart by someone claiming they're "unsafe" (in a digital space!). The triumph of the more-subaltern-than-thou ideology that is the very opposite of "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

    This is why I'm trying to seriously limit my internet time from now on, and I don't think I'll be engaging with the IF scene much. These discussions are hopeless; the ideology that fuels them invades one space after another, tears it apart, then leaves it a decaying mess. Reasonable people leave, everything becomes an echo chamber for a select few, then those few have a falling out over perceived "isms" and the whole thing dies for good.

    I am so done with this.
  • (Of course, we can always hope things will go differently just this once, but I'm tired, so tired of this. It even saps my enjoyment of the games themselves after a while. Sigh.)

    To get back on track: my favourite so far is Zest, but maybe I'm biased. Will try to play as many as I can and focus on the positive.
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  • I keep playing half of a game, then just sort of getting tired. Have I lost the ability to enjoy text games? Maybe I'm just not in the right mood lately.

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