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I miss video games.
  • I can't remember the last time I actually was able to sit down and play a game, which is totes unusual for me. I'm in devlife crunch time--everything in my life is Fear of Twine.

    I, like, find my blog boring lately, I haven't been at all into writing formal stuff, so I think I'm going to hijack this forum to talk about, among other things, my plan to play through the entire Might and Magic series.

    Joel, you goddamn asked for it!!!!!!!!!!
  • I wonder what you'll make of Might and Magic 6 & 7. They're flawed, but I enjoyed them tremendously. Replayed them just a couple of years ago. There was a time when the future of RPGs looked really exciting. Now everything's an RPG but nothing is satisfying.
  • I'm pretty new to Might and Magic--I'd never been able to really get into the series until now. I tried a bit of 6 and actually didn't like it--but when I say "a bit" I mean like 10-15 minutes. So yeah, I'm committed to the full series so I assume I'll be getting it sometime over the summer!
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  • @rgoodness, this is the Electron Dance Condition. Organising and writing makes it difficult to play any video games.

    Richard, you goddamn asked for it!
  • Well now that just sounds like victim blaming to me.
  • @Jonas replace "RPG" with "game" and you're still on the mark.

    I can't wait to see what you think of TWEEZER.
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  • I played some FTL today! It was kind of the most productive thing I did. Also "Pinched," a pretty cool Firefly fanfic IF which lasts about twenty minutes (it might help that I'm barely familiar with Firefly so I wasn't hung up on the fanficky part).
  • Yesterday I was supposed to work. I talked to my girlfriend about games we played when we were growing up.

    Three hours later I'd downloaded a rom of "Croc", an adorable playstation game from days of yore. Happy now. But thank God for muscle memory and mental training, because this is a *hard fucking game*. It only looks cute - in reality, it has the soul of a drill instructor.

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