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Fear of Twine!
  • I feel I should comment in the brandy-new Fear of Twine forum or something.

    Who's ready?
  • I'm... exhausted. But I think both our games are more or less ready. I hope they are, because I'm out of strength and going to bed.
  • This is why you should make a really simple game like me! What it lacks in skill, ambition, and polish, it will hopefully make up for in despair and shock value.
  • Eric's game is fairly shocking.
  • Good, good. It might cheer me up.
  • I wonder how many major sites will cover Fear of Twine.
  • It could happen.
  • Will anyone be dropping emails to IndieStatik and Rock Paper Shotgun? How about Adventure Gamers?
  • I've sent a handwritten email to Adam at RPS. I don't really know anyone at IndieStatik or Adventure Gamers.
  • I've gotten Indie Statik and a couple of others. I don't know Adventure Gamers--I can send a cold
    Press release unless someone knows someone?
  • I'll try to send one to Jack from Adventure Gamers, but I sadly cannot guarantee that I will. Also hope to be able to cover the exhibition on and (obv) gnome's lair early next, provided nothing shit happens.
  • If any of you had issues with the main page, Coyotaje, or my game TWEEZER, they should be fixed!
  • I have issues with YOU. Are THEY fixed?
  • If you don't know you'll never know.
  • I've been all over the place with playing these, but I sat down and played through Debt. I quite liked it.
  • Today I can finally say I played all 16 pieces and absolutely loved all of them that I understood.
  • What David is trying to say is that he did not love mine =)
  • The fact that I loved the ones I understood doesn’t necessarily mean I didn’t love the ones I didn’t!

    Duck Ted Bundy made me laugh some, but I can’t connect with it because I had to google who Ted Bundy is, and only after correctly deducing there had to be someone famous named that, for I was obviously missing something. 3rd world problems I guess.

    Truth is Ghost was confusing but it managed to amaze me because you can really tell these characters have personalities and relationships that were developed long before Richard announced the exhibition. And the same can be said about its lore.

    The Scientific Method felt like I didn’t get some deeper point the story was trying to make but it’s so well written, from the very first sentence to the very last, that I just know I like it.

    Drosophilia was really weird, but it was made by Pippin so I’m sure it has many redeeming qualities.
  • There are a couple that I might need to reread. Joel's might need to be one of those. Abstract State-warp Machines, I think everyone needs to reread (although I understand about half of it!), there's a few branches I haven't gotten to in Amanda's, etc. etc. etc.

    Eric, I'm glad you liked Debt! There's a lot I would have done differently with this, stuff that I know how to prepare better for, things like that, but I think putting that one first was the only unassailably right decision I've made here! That whole first room was almost a no-brainer to sequence.
  • Oh, grouping all this stuff must have been hard! I’d love to know what each room is supposed to do.
  • Joel, you're quite good at writing these characters' voices. I mean, the rest is good too, and I'd love to watch the TV miniseries of Truth is Ghost, but I just wanted to remark on that specific aspect.
  • Believe it or not, Ripley, it was easy! The rooms weren't themed really--I originally wanted to do that but there wasn't any that seemed natural. So I went more for balanced. I definitely wanted the first room to give kind of an idea of the major flavor a of Twine, so that took the most care, but the choices felt almost obvious to me.

    Debt was a fucking gift: I have not seen a Twine like that before and it was such a snazzy bang--I really wanted it to feel like throwing down a gauntlet. Duck Ted Bundy was just so funny and well written and yet much more "traditional" that it was a natural second choice. Conversation was probably the most "traditional" entry--it's what a lot of people tend to think of when they think of Twine, it's a personal story involving aspects of sexuality by a first-time author, and I definitely wanted to highlight the inclusiveness and accessibility of the form--plus, like you said in your write up, Joel, it's just a lovely piece. And then, I mean Jonas's Great Red Dragon (nmiaow) is just awesome. I think it's some of your best writing, man--either way it almost gives a kind of bedtime story feel to it. Kinda like you play these four games in one night, then you go to bed.

    March, if you're interested in your particular positioning, THE FOLLOWUP TO "THE MATTER OF URQUEL THE GREAT BLACK DRAGON" is, like, a little bit of a big deal, and so I wanted to hold it back for a little bit because I didn't think the crowd was pumped enough. In addition, it's meta, it's not a game that completely works unless you've played a few Twines before, and by the time they get to yours they've seen eight Pippin Barr got the same treatment, and I like that it ends the room because there's nothing much you can say for a little while after it--you really gotta turn off the computer and curl up for a bit.

    My own game was last because I like to have the last word and because people are gonna play my game anyway. It's my exhibition. Spoiler alert, my own game's gonna get more tweets than anyone else. In fact I'm gonna tweet a link to it right now. Hang on.

    Anyway; the rest kind of slotted into place in a similar fashion. I didn't want to put two longer pieces next to each other, two horror pieces, etc, and a lot of the rest was just kismet, really. There were 16 entries--it's my favorite number because it divides so evenly. Four sets of four--beautiful!
  • It has something very Sapphire & Steel about it, in a way. I love stories of that flavour.
  • I know how that works. I'm pretty sure that a lot of what I do is an attempt to recreate the flavour/vibe/feel of art that I was fascinated by but couldn't fully understand as a child. Not nostalgia, but an attempt to recapture that sense of wonder and possibility and scope.

    I mean, a huge part of the Lands of Dream games is what I imagined the full versions of shareware games to be like. I'm pretty sure those long-forgotten games hold up a lot less well than Sapphire & Steel, but at the time I just barely understood the language they were in, let alone how they actually worked. I knew I could never buy these games, but I longed for these amazing worlds to explore, and I was certain there was so much more to the full versions.

    The same goes for literature, movies, TV. Rarely do I encounter something that lives up to what I imagined there was. It does happen, but not very often.
  • Jonas--lemme guess, you were really into Dare to dream's first episode, right?

    I think that's why Dark Souls is awesome and Eric will back me up--it feels like more of an outgrowth of late 80s-early90s RPGs than most modern RPGs do.
  • Looking at screenshots, I'm not sure I ever played Dare to Dream. I got some of these games off CDs with "5000 shareware games" and the like; some must be pretty obscure. I wish I remembered their names.
  • Yeah, they actually sold shareware CDs at the grocery store and I remember getting a couple from there while shopping with my mom, and I just loved that feeling. That's an era I would love for this current indie era to take more of a feel of. I hate this feeling like it's a big business we're all missing out on. I like that scrappiness.

    But you'd LOVE Dare to Dream, I think, recognizing it's been many years since I've played it. (I actually played it in college but that's still ten years ago). It was the first game of CliffyB of all people, and it's just this nice surrealistic nightmare adventure.

    Hm. I wonder. I would love to do a project heartening back to shareware demos. How many games have we played and loved that we never bought and knew as a largely unresolved thing?

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