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Electron Dance Book Progress
  • The book is going to take awhile so I thought I'd pin progress and updates here, just because. Once the video is out (first draft of complete video viewed by parents today), I can be upfront about themes and content.

    For now, I'm trying to address the problems I have with scope and complexity. I'm trying out Literature & Latte's Scrivener to organise development instead of a shitload of disconnected ODF files for each chapter. It used to be one whole file, but that was a nightmare for getting around...

    I bombard my email with notes when I'm out and about and also at work. Things come to me, other people's articles also - everything seems to have relevance. I need a way of managing this deluge - so I think I'm going to try out Evernote. I can email directly into Evernote, access via mobile and also at home. Work, of course, firewalls the Evernote site away because its an external storage medium.

    Spent about 4 hours on chapter 4 in the last couple of days. It was really boring work. That worries me. It might actually be boring to read. Let's see if we can jazz that up with later passes.
  • Sounds good! I'm intrigued by the tools you use to manage the work - I remember when I first started writing (quite bad) novels I just had them as one big .doc file, then for project number 2 I wrote each chapter as its own document. Much better! My current writerly project (going slowly) is less rigidly divided - material from one section might splurge into another if I decide it would work better, and the "chapters" are sometimes only a page long - so I've got it as one big document with bookmarks to head each section. This may be a terrible idea.

    Sorry chapter 4 was boring. That doesn't necessarily mean it's boring for the reader, though. I always felt that a story/book/article wasn't done when it felt "done", but when I just couldn't goddam bloody bear to look at the thing any more arrrgh.
  • James, so far Evernote is proving to be quite useful. I email directly to Evernote and they can even be organised into "notebooks" via the email header. It's saved lots of time already. Scrivener will have to wait until I have a proper block of time free but I'm hoping it will be better at marshalling the size than Word/LibreOffice is.

    Chapter 4 has been receiving some additional research bonus in the last few days and there are signs it might merge back into Chapter 5, which was the way things were originally.
  • Once the film goes up next week, I'll be ready to explain the book's theme and contents.
  • The Harbor Master: An Erotic Fantasia

    Hey, it would work if you were making a twine.
  • An American Twine, you mean. A British one would be Harbour Master.
  • I still don't know why you people keep to your inefficient spellings. You'd save so much money on printing costs if you'd spell it sanely.
  • This was originally a hilarious emoji-based response but your forum doesn't support emoji, Joel. Perhaps you should fix this.
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  • Go old school with the title: The Weapons of Progress: or, The Future
  • If you're going to be total old school you need something like RICKY ROCKET VS THE WEAPONS OF MARS.
  • You mean Ricky Roucket vs the Weapouns of Mars.
  • I'm throwing money at the screen but nothing's happening?

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